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"Thankyou Melanie for my beautiful new coat. It is really wonderful to have my favourite coat recreated in a colour that I love, something the shops cannot do! Melanie gave my new coat deeper pockets for my purse etc, and an extra button to keep my legs dry. The lining meterial I found makes my coat very personal and different from anything you can buy, I love it! It was very easy to pop to Melanie's for a fitting, the hardest part is finding the material. I will definitely be doing it again"


"Melanie made my dream wedding dress and it was perfect! It fitted perfectly, looked amazing and I was constantly complemented on how unique and beautiful the dress looked. I couldn't thank Melanie enough and I would highly recommend!"


"Melanie made a beautiful suit for my wedding. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Thanks again Melanie."


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